voices of our movement

Voices of Hampshire, Voices of Divestment

The Administration at Hampshire College has issued a statement distancing itself from the movement to divest from the Israeli Occupation of Palestine, organized and led on this campus by Students for Justice in Palestine.

They claim that this move to divest has nothing to do with the Occupation of Palestine, and perhaps for them, it does not.

However, for the more than 800 students, staff, faculty, alumni and parents who have signed SJP’s call for divestment, it has everything to do with our collective desire to see the end of the Occupation and the restoration of justice to the Palestinian people.

For us who are at the heart and forefront of this movement, we have divested specifically because of Israel’s human rights violations and war crimes.
This is our movement, this is our divestment.
We have taken a stand against occupation, by forcing the Administration to take our money out of the offending corporations. Regardless of whether or not they were happy to do so, regardless of whether or not they side with our stance on the Occupation.

This has been a demonstration of student power, of the power of people to organize where they are to dismantle systems of oppression. This has been a demonstration of people’s power, not the power of some institution or some passing administration.

This is a space to share some of the faces and voices behind the campaign to divest, the voices of the divestment, the true voices of the movement that the Administration cannot account for publicly.

We will be uploading videos of these voices periodically over the coming week.

For SJP’s official response to the administration’s claims, proceed here ::



~ by akriese on February 13, 2009.

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